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Data for Research  (JSTOR)
On Campus  |  In Dorm & Off Campus
A new way to search the JSTOR database! Provided by JSTOR for use by the research community. It provides a set of web-based tools for selecting and interacting with content from the JSTOR archive. The service also provides the ability to obtain data sets via bulk downloads or using a REST API. Features provided by the site include: Full-text and fielded searching of the entire JSTOR archive using a powerful faceted search interface. Using this interface one can quickly and easily define content of interest through an iterative process of searching and results filtering. User guide for JSTOR

On Campus  |  In Dorm & Off Campus
JSTOR is an archive of complete full-text backfiles. The current collection includes journals from the Art & Science Collections I - V and the Arts & Sciences Complement and covers most academic disciplines. This collection is growing and currently has more than 500 titles. User guide for JSTOR