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Welcome to Salve Heritage

You are visiting the Salve Heritage gallery of Salve Regina University's Digital Archives. This gallery is a set of collections that pertains directly to Salve Regina University's history.

The website is part of a larger project of McKillop Library and the University's Archives that is focusing on digitization of and web access to the University's archives. The project will provide information on scanning, creation of metadata, legal issues, grant proposals, etc. The project is also a vehicle for distributing the strategic plan, guidelines developed by the project participants, and general updates on the project.
Click for information on image Sister Mary Hilda Miley, RSM.

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Sisters of Mercy
This collection shows the formal portraits of Sisters of Mercy located in various campus buildings.
Campus Buildings
This collection shows various campus buildings.
Important People
This collection shows the formal portraits of important people for whom some of the buildings are named.

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